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2023 Concepts of a Team Chiropractor is a Program

2023 Concepts of a Team Chiropractor

Started Nov 14, 2022
10 credits

$179 Enroll

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Course Objectives:

Provide an overview of the skills and knowledge required of doctors working within the sporting arena

Discuss the foundational information regarding the duties of a sports chiropractor

Identify the cornerstones of knowledge to work toward becoming a team doctor

Apply the knowledge of physical examination and history taking to provide a chiropractic assessment of athletic injury

The basic topics discussed include, the concepts of a team physician, medical legal issues in sport, environnment concerns, exercise phyisology, basic sports biomechanics and nutrition

Clinical topics inlude, assessment of injuries of the spine and extremities, radiology of athletic injury, emergency proecudres, basic adjunctive therapy, and an overview of special populations considerations