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2024 Concussion

Started Dec 11, 2023
15 credits

$235 Enroll

Full program description

This fifteen-hour distance based course is intended to present Doctors of Chiropractic with information on the current best practices in concussion management with the understanding that this body of knowledge is currently in a state of transition. The evidence base used to develop concussion management protocols is primarily based upon lower level scientific research. Most of what is considered best practice in concussion management is not based on best evidence, but rather consensus. This class attempts to provide an unbiased knowledge base to the learner by including consensus statements for numerous organizations without professional discrimination.


This course includes:

Identification of what constitues a concussion

Learn the domains of neuronal dysfunction related to concussion

Etiology of how concussions occur

Nuances of concussion in the adolescent population

Wide range of signs and symptoms of concussion

Tools used to assess and track concussed athletes

Current best practices of managing and determining return to play decisions

Common risk factors related to concussion

Algorithmic approach for the assessment and management of a concussed athlete

Clinical presentations that indicate a prompt or urgent referral

Implementation of a graded return-to-play protocol

Variables associated with concussion prevention