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2024 Headache Differential Diagnosis and Guide to Management is a Program

2024 Headache Differential Diagnosis and Guide to Management

Started Jan 8, 2024
2 credits

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Primary headache disorders covered include migraine, tension-type, trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias e.g., cluster headaches, and those classified as other primary headache disorders, e.g., new daily persistent headache. Secondary headaches discussed include those classified as vascular, neoplastic, infectious, or those due to increased intracranial pressure/volume changes.  A third, often overlooked category, Painful Cranial Neuropathies and Other Facial Pains will also be considered. Providers successfully completing the course will improve their confidence in diagnosing and differentiating between those headache types appropriate to undergo a therapeutic trial of care versus those which require urgent or emergent, e.g., vascular event in progress, management approaches.  Applying the knowledge gained through successfully completing this course providers will be able to enhance patient safety and should experience improved clinical outcomes.