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2024 The Anatomy of Breast Feeding

Started Dec 15, 2023
4 credits

$79 Enroll

Full program description

"When breastfeeding challenges occur, sometimes the problem is not with the mother’s technique, but rather with the baby himself-  barriers within the alignment and tone of his body causing abnormal function and preventing normal breastfeeding".

Dr. Gerner dives into very detailed and specific cranial, spinal, muscular and dural anatomy relating to the breastfeeding infant as well as the long term neurological consequences of these untreated subluxation patterns.  Included are charts and video demonstrations designed to be very practical and useful to you in your daily pediatric practice.


This course covers:

The biology of human lactation

The nutritional, emotional, and world-wide importance of breastfeeding

The IBCLC (lactation consultant) assessment

The anatomy and physiology of the cranium, spine, muscular, nerve and dural systems in relation to breastfeeding function

The clinical applications of normal and pathological function for all structures

The developmental and neurological implications of abnormal function

Collaboration with other birth professionals