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2024 Upper Extremities Rehab: Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of UE Sports Injuries

Started Dec 15, 2023
3 credits

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Full course description

From weekend warriors to elite professional athletes, common injuries not requiring surgery are common, and can be treated conservatively within the chiropractic office.  This course investigates the chiropractic professional's distinct advantage to successfully managing common sports injuries with conservative care.  In this course, we review the anatomy, diagnosis and treatment of the most common sports injuries to the upper extremities.

Overview of common sports injuries incurred by both amateur and professional athletes

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a DC or MD

Rationale behind a sports chiropractic assessment

Review history taking and exam 

Review red flags and medical emergencies

Learn common presentations of various joint dysfunctions of the elbow, knee and ankle

Review and/or learn technique of rehabilitation of the shoulder, elbow, wrist